Investing in Thane and its neighbourhoods!

Real Estate Scenario in Nashik

Thane has become one of the most popular places for people to invest in real estate due to the abundance of greenery and open spaces. This area of the city, which stretches along the Ghodbunder Road, is self-sufficient in terms of essential services such as hospitals, schools, retail malls, job possibilities, and so on. The Mumbai Metro will soon connect the region, adding to the area’s value. Another unique selling point of this location is its connectivity to the Eastern Express Highway, which provides signal-free transit to south Mumbai. Apart from this, it also has great connectivity to both the city and the new suburbs via the Central and Trans-Harbour railways. 

Mulund – the popular central suburb

Mulund, is perfectly located between Thane and Navi Mumbai and is a new real estate investment hotspot. It has emerged as an attractive destination for people who wish to be close to the city’s hustle and bustle while living in a peaceful setting. Mulund is well connected to both the Central and Western regions of Mumbai. Its proximity to Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Eastern Express Highway, and Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road allows quick access to all the major areas of Mumbai. Residential complexes offer 1 BHK Flats in Mulund to its inhabitants with a comfortable and easy lifestyle, with excellent health care, educational, and banking services.

Ghatkopar – the sought-after central hub

Ghatkopar has become one of Mumbai’s most sought-after neighbourhoods over the years. The cause for this can be linked to a slew of infrastructural projects in the area, which has resulted in an exponential increase in demand for residential units. Ghatkopar has grown in popularity across Mumbai as new businesses spring up and the Mumbai metro system makes commuting to the neighbourhood easier. Launched in 2014, the first Mumbai Metro line from Versova to Ghatkopar has brought a change in people’s commute experience. With multiple other metro lines under operation, the connectivity from Ghatkopar to other areas is only about to increase. 

Ghatkopar West and Ghatkopar East are the two regions that make up the locality. Ghatkopar West is likely to see strong capital appreciation in the coming years, based on recent pricing trends and the variables listed above.  Along with solid connectivity and infrastructure, the area has seen a year-over-year increase in property values.

Ghatkopar East is home to numerous business and commercial facilities. Other significant business locations are also close by and are within driving distance. With numerous schools and institutions, this region has a well-developed social infrastructure. There are various modern hospitals that offer a variety of services. There are numerous places to be refreshed, including eateries, parks, and movie theatres. It’s simple to get to the train station and airport from here. The location is one of the fastest-growing and has a very high demand from the general public for both residential and commercial uses.

Kalwa – Top Investment Opportunity

Kalwa is a well-developed area of Thane and has excellent infrastructure connectivity to major highways, IT Hubs and shopping and entertainment zones. This neighbourhood has a significant demand for residential dwellings due to its good connection and robust social infrastructure. Several well-known real estate developers are developing buildings and 1 BHK in Kalwa.

Dombivali – The High-Demand residential 

Dombivli is a northern neighbourhood notable for its inexpensive housing complexes, which include a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial assets. The neighbourhood has a high demand for residential properties due to its proximity to IT parks and industrial centres. Dombivali is served by the Mumbai suburban train network, which connects it to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The neighbourhood has a bus system that connects it to other Navi Mumbai areas. Furthermore, Dombivli is close to and connected to employment centres in Dombivli, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Bhiwandi, and Mumbai’s industrial and commercial districts. 

Kalyan – A self-sufficient hub

Kalyan is another self-sufficient hub in Thane, with all necessary services such as schools, commercial complexes, and entertainment hubs. Many residential projects are in the works in the neighbourhood, all of which are being developed by local developers. Kalyan is a residential area close to Dombivli, recognized for its low-cost housing complexes popular with low-to-medium-income earners and first-time homebuyers. Schools, universities, banks, hotels, hospitals, and retail malls makeup for Kalyan’s social and commercial infrastructure. There is robust public transportation infrastructures, such as KDMT buses and the forthcoming metro train between Thane, Bhiwandi, and Kalyan. Furthermore, Kalyan is adjacent and well connected to the industrial and commercial districts of Dombivli, Thane, Bhiwandi, Ambernath, and Ulhasnagar, attracting workers from these areas.

As real estate develops further in the city, Thane and its neighbouring areas are gaining popularity amongst first-time buyers. Multiple factors contribute to the emergence of this locality and the inhabitants settling there. Developing infrastructure, good connectivity, social amenities, and multiple other reasons have attracted prominent builders to Thane and its neighbouring areas. 

2022- The pivotal year for real estate investors

Real Estate Scenario in Nashik

Real estate has traditionally been seen as a sound long-term investment. This is due to the fact that housing values have a propensity to climb over time. These increases are also typically more than inflation, implying that investors are making money. The world, especially global markets, were, however, rocked by the pandemic that swept the globe. It has had a significant impact on various industries, and investors are correct in being wary about investing.

The good news is that home prices appear to be steadily increasing. Property values increased by 22% in 2021, according to records. In 2022, India’s real estate sector is seeing powerful growth in demand, which is likely to continue throughout the year. The real estate industry’s entire market forecast is good, from commercial areas to residential markets.

Safeguarded Interests 

In addition to this, the RERA Act was enacted by the government to defend and safeguard the rights of home buyers and ensure that they are not exploited by developers or builders.

RERA has specified certain building and development criteria for real estate that will increase the transparency of real estate transactions. It has given home buyers several rights and established specific laws and regulations that must be followed by all builders and developers. In addition, the RERA Act requires each state to establish a Real Estate Authority and an Appellate Tribunal. The property buyer can file a complaint with this organisation if the builder/developer violates the law in any way.

Increase in demand for peaceful localities 

The decision to invest in real estate is both financially and emotionally challenging. Whatever the case may be If a property is purchased for the purpose of living in the short term, the aspect of return on investment and price appreciation is always there in the minds of the investors. First-time investors aren’t passing up this opportunity because of the attractive and reasonable real estate prices. 

While investors have always had a keen interest in Mumbai City, given the booming rates and the already overcrowded city, property purchasers are actively researching choices in nearby districts rather than investing in megacities. Because investment in these locations is quite affordable, the prospect of a high return on investment is drawing investors from all over the world. Thane, Mulund, and Kalwa are proving to be the top three locations for home buyers. 

Thane is a self-contained neighbourhood with excellent access to the rest of the city. It combines the best of both worlds in terms of low-cost housing and a high-end lifestyle for homebuyers. Because of its accessibility, infrastructure, lifestyle, an influx of office spaces, amenities, and affordable housing, Thane is a successful real estate market and hence, buyers are keen on procuring these 1 BHK Flats in Thane.

The Kalwa real estate market is also booming and is home to various real estate developers who are offering 1 BHK flats. People invest in 1 BHK in Kalwa for a variety of reasons, including its proximity to Navi Mumbai, central Mumbai, and the western suburbs.

Mulund was once an industrial centre, but the region is now dominated by skyscrapers, premium residential complexes, and shopping malls. It is a hotspot for real estate investments that are growing at a rapid pace and hence the demand for a 1 BHK Flat in Mulund is high.

The Pandemic Impact

Despite the threat of a pandemic, the sector remained resilient and grew steadily in 2021. For a time, India’s first wave of Covid-19 brought the industry to a halt. However, by the fourth quarter of 2020, the market has begun to pick up speed, owing in part to increased demand for residential space. Residential sales increased by 65 percent on a sequential basis in Q3 2021, according to a JLL report. Low-interest rates, along with duty waivers (in some jurisdictions), realistic property prices, and appealing offers, will assist the business, resulting in cheap synergies.

The real estate index has grown by 75% in the last year and is the second-best performing sector index, outperforming the benchmark index Nifty50 by a wide margin. Real estate has not only made a comeback but is likely to thrive in the coming year, thanks to historically low loan rates and temporary stamp cuts.

Waiver in Fees

In the residential segment, India’s real estate sector is expected to rise by roughly 5% in capital value by 2022. According to some estimates, sales momentum will pick up in 2022 as prospective homebuyers continue to favour larger homes with more facilities, and attractive pricing will keep them interested in closing transactions. According to real estate analysts, now is the finest time in a decade to invest in real estate. With costs at their lowest and a supportive financing arrangement, there should be no more hesitation in making a purchase. 

Demand for Rentals

With office employment restarting, the commercial sector is on a rebound and the increase in rental properties is also on a steady rise. While most people are moving back to the city to resume work and hence looking for rental properties, a section of the audience is also moving towards quieter locations that offer multiple facilities. This demand for rental spaces is coaxing buyers to invest in second homes. 

To summarise, the real estate industry is flourishing, and the current market conditions are making it even more appealing. Waiting and watching were appropriate during the outbreak, but it is no longer prudent. Take advantage of low-interest rates, tempting schemes, and fantastic new designs to purchase a home. 2022 is the year when incredible possibilities turn into incredible choices!

1 BHK or 2 BHK? Which one is best suited for you?

Real Estate Scenario in Nashik

As the urban lifestyle and pace evolve, our choices and approach to everyday life also keep evolving. One of the best examples of this is the concept of a nuclear family and the way they function and keep up with the changing pace of life. Many people are perplexed when it comes to deciding whether to buy a 1 BHK Flats in Thane or 2 BHK Flats in Thane. The 1 BHK vs. 2 BHK unit dispute is typical among budget-conscious homeowners, particularly first-time buyers looking for a small family home or a bachelor pad. However, deciding between the two possibilities will be difficult. You’ll have to think about things like property pricing, location, builder, and space, among other things.
Making plans for the future

A 1 BHK may appear to be the right balance of cost and coziness as a beginning house. Buying a house, on the other hand, is a long-term investment. You may believe that a 1 BHK apartment is sufficient, but if you wish to grow your family, it may become crowded as time passes. A 2 BHK flat, on the other hand, provides adequate space for a nuclear family to live comfortably.
The size of your family is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting the appropriate flat size. For a family of more than five people, a two-bedroom apartment may not be the best option.
People nowadays are opting for a three-bedroom flat if their family consists of three individuals and they have a sufficient budget for the three-bedroom flat. Even if your household is only two people, but you have frequent and recurring visitors, you will require an extra room. In this instance, the best option is a two-bedroom house.

Supply and demand

A two-bedroom apartment is great if you’re a bachelor or have a small family. Because the demand for 2 BHK homes is usually higher, builders give special attention to the design and construction of these homes.

As a result, 2-BHK homes have more facilities and design alternatives. As a result, you will typically find a larger and higher-quality 2 BHK property than its 1 BHK equivalents.
Also, due to the great demand for 2 BHK properties, it will be easier to sell if you are acquiring a home only for investment purposes.


It’s no secret that the Indian real estate market is price-sensitive. Almost every buying decision is influenced by the cost. If you have a small family or live with your parents, a two-bedroom apartment is a better alternative to satisfy your space needs.

The most crucial consideration in determining the best house for you is your budget. According to research, a 2 BHK flat is cheaper than a 1 BHK flat in terms of the space ratio and the money.
The pandemic has been one of the most significant factors in recent times.If you have not been financially affected by the pandemic, then opting for a 2-BHK would be ideal. If your budget is limited because of pandemic concerns, then 1 BHK flat is the best option.

As a result, if you take out a home loan to purchase the property, you may still afford a large apartment while still fulfilling your other monthly responsibilities.

Costs of upkeep

Maintenance is one of the most important considerations when determining the appropriate size for your dream home. In terms of absolute costs, 1 BHK flats are less expensive to maintain than 2 BHK flats. 1 BHK flat is the best option for you if you want to acquire a property that is low on maintenance. Furthermore, by paying a higher maintenance cost, you obtain a larger carpet surface, which is a sensible investment decision.

To summarise, you can choose a 1 BHK to be your new beginning or a 2 BHK to be your space saver.

1 BHK – Your new beginning

  • Ideal for a newly wed pair
  • Perfect for first time buyers with limited budget
  • Good investment option for first time buyers

2 BHK – Your space saver

  • Suitable for a growing family
  • More space enhances the elegance and allows to host family and friends
  • Offers plenty of space and a high return on investment

When purchasing a home, you can now select between the two alternatives. Ashar Group offers thoughtfully designed 1 & 2 BHK apartments to match and suffice your needs, taking into account both sides.
So, choose the right one and reserve your ideal property right now! Take a look at these fantastic homes offered by Ashar Group in Thane and MMR.

Why is real estate a better long-term investment option?

Real estate is the most preferred investment option across the world. As per a Gallup poll in 2016, real estate investment was rated as the best among long-term investments – much ahead of bonds, stocks, saving accounts, mutual funds, and gold.

In India, the emotional joy of owning a property is inherently much stronger than ever. The cherry on the cake: The recovery phase of the real estate market of India may have begun already since hitting rock bottom in the previous few quarters.

Did you know?
In India, real estate is the second biggest employer after agriculture and is expected to grow by nearly 30% in the coming decade. Hence, no matter what the temporary impediments, it remains the safest investment option to date, and is set to grow much shortly.

Why is real estate a better long-term investment option?

It does not need much expertise

Investing in real estate is not rocket science. Even first-time investors can get it right with the help of some online research or real estate consultants/agents.

In comparison, investing in stock markets or mutual funds demand constant time & attention, in-depth knowledge of the market, the business & the financial world.

Generate rental income

By investing in real estate, one is almost 100% guaranteed a regular stream of rental income. In comparison to stocks, you are not subject to the mercy of volatile market forces that can dilute your net worth overnight. By owning a home, you are assured of regular and stable monthly income, which will increase with time while your home’s capital value also appreciates.

Good appreciation over the long term

You must have come across these sayings: “Ninety per cent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate” – Andrew Carnegie. “Landlords grow rich in their sleep” – John Stuart Mill.

Real estate is a long-term investment, it’s a place to park cash in an appreciating asset that has the potential to provide passive income.
Over the last two centuries, about 90 per cent of the world’s millionaires have been created by investing in real estate. For the average investor, real estate offers the best way to develop significant wealth.
In addition, it’s a fact that the human population is booming while the supply of habitable land is fixed. Hence, it is highly likely that the demand for real estate will only rise in the future, and eventually, the returns from real estate will only increase in the long-term future.

Comparison to stock investments

In comparison to real estate, investments in stocks are a cocktail of uncertainty. It is a risky game to trade in derivatives and stocks. Since investing in the stock market is a highly specialised field, it needs superlative skills to make money out of equities and exploit trade cycles. Also, misleading market trends often result in investors making impulsive decisions to sell and buy.

Comparison to mutual funds

By principle, investment in mutual funds results in minimising risk by investing in several different portfolios. However, the investment is subject to many risks because of market volatility. In comparison, investing in real estate is not a very risky option as it promises many long-term returns – because demand outstrips supply.

Going by the facts stated above, it’s a wise decision to invest in real estate over stock market or mutual funds. So if investment running all over your mind, real estate is the right option and, now is the time to begin. History says – real estate can be more rewarding for those who start at a young age.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. Ashar Group does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.

Kitchen trends in your apartment

What’s cooking?

Chic and contemporary decor ideas to turn your kitchen into a drool-worthy one.

It is not easy to find the right dwelling space in the city of dreams – Mumbai. It requires an investment of time, energy and money. Once you find the right fit, the next challenge is to convert the house into your cocoon, your home sweet home. What better way to do so than through a décor?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is a place that fuels our bodies, minds & souls, brings people together,  traditions are made, cemented and passed on in our lives, and A place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love. For a place as important as this, decorating it should be of utmost importance.

Here are some stunning kitchen décor ideas you’ll be tempted to try:

Metallic colours and accents

Let your kitchen embrace the beauty of metallic hues and textures. Add geometric décor in modern metallic finishes and simplified oversized shapes to your kitchen cabinets and shelves. You can also add some accessories on the periphery of the cabinets – go for some gold and silver metallic combinations for a uber-chic kitchen.

Statement-Making Taps

Ask your interior designer to arm your kitchen with some smart taps. Opt for slender, metallic finish smart taps, not only will they add some real oomph to your kitchen, but also help you save on water bills. These attention-grabbing smart taps automatically sense the motion of hands and stop the water flow once you put your hands or other objects away from it. Indeed a must-have!

Intelligent Gadgets

Why just smart taps when you can turn your entire kitchen into a smart kitchen? An empowering tool, smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. From maintaining a grocery list to keeping multiple timers, making coffee, controlling smart cookers & large appliances such as ovens and refrigerators and listening to music or the news while cooking. Alexa is your genie and your wish is her command.

You can also accessorise your kitchen with motion sensor-enabled lights. So that when you are in a kitchen, nothing except the recipe for a gastronomic meal runs in your mind. More so, they help you save both: money and energy.

Optimum Storage

Make the maximum utilisation of your storage space in the kitchen – go for open shelves with eye-catchy textured background wallpapers, you can fold them after your meal is ready!

Some More Space

You can make your kitchen look spacious with the help of larders. The larders are the single cupboards that symbolise a food wardrobe. You can store all your tableware and groceries in them.

Black and White

Accessorise your kitchen walls with black and white textures, they are bold & versatile and will impart a seductive allure to your kitchen that says sleekness and sophistication at the same time. If you choose a matte black wall texture and tone, complement it with glossy surfaces, to create a kitchen that’s difficult to take your eyes off.

Get Ready to Brighten Up

To add a visual depth to your kitchen and create a welcoming ambience, embellish your kitchen with unique kitchen pendant lights.


For a kitchen to run smoothly, you can’t suffer through chock-full cabinets or overflowing drawers. For a clean kitchen that will effortlessly allow you to get what you need without having to dig, reach, or unstack, you will need to practise minimalism. This means you will have to declutter your kitchen very inexpensively with only a little time and thoughtful consideration.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. Ashar Group does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.