Finland International School

Finland International School (FIS) Thane is a beacon of holistic education and well-being. Formerly known as Billabong School, FIS stands at the forefront of academic excellence and personal growth. Established and operated by Goenka Global Education in collaboration with EduCluster Finland, a distinguished education expert under the University of Jyvaskyla Group, the school is a testament to the fusion of global standards and Finnish pedagogical expertise.

Our journey begins with a commitment to providing a world-class education that seamlessly integrates academic success with the holistic development of each student. As the pioneering Finnish International School in India, we take pride in bringing the acclaimed Finnish education model to life, while shaping resilient and capable individuals.

Embarking on a transformative learning experience, FIS Thane champions the belief that every student possesses the potential for success. Our learning environment is supportive and challenging, allowing students to nurture their academic and personal skills at their own pace. Central to our ethos is a profound emphasis on well-being, recognizing the intrinsic connection between happy, healthy students and their academic achievements.

Our track record speaks volumes, with students excelling in challenging scenarios with unwavering confidence. Behind this success is a team of highly qualified and passionate educators dedicated to empowering students to reach their full potential. To complement our academic prowess, we offer diverse enrichment activities and extracurricular programs, fostering the development of unique interests and talents.

At FIS, the team is unwaveringly committed to creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment, ensuring that every student blossoms into their fullest selves. Team FIS believes in shaping not just students but also resilient, lifelong learners.